Does she look like a dog with a bucket on its head?

V7600I’ve been looking for a hat pattern: I wear hats a lot, and have trouble finding them to fit my rather big head.  Seems like the perfect excuse for a sewing project, but have been pretty disappointed with the offerings from the major pattern companies.   This hat makes the model look like a Labrador with a bucket on its head to prevent head scratching.  We used to have a Labrador that was prone to skin infections behind his ears, and every so often, after a visit to the vest, we would have to put a doctored bucket on him, and he would get exactly the same  mournful, yet slightly startled look on his face. For anyone who is after this image, the pattern is Vogue v7600.

Soozs did send me a “mud map” on how to make the hat she is wearing in this blog post, but for my first foray into hat making, I would like my hand held.  This morning, while looking around the blogs,  (and this one in particular) I came across Make it Perfect patterns, and within 10 minutes, had purchased the Lazy Day Hat pattern from Duckcloth.

lazy day hat coverNo shipping fees, and she is sending it from Australia to Hong Kong! The new independent pattern companies are really showing up the older more established companies – the photos on the Make it Perfect site are gorgeous, and the patterns all look current.

After shopping, I also found this pattern at Nicole Mallalieu Design. Why haven’t I known about these pattern companies?  Thank-you blogosphere for bringing them to my attention.


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One thought on “Does she look like a dog with a bucket on its head?”

  1. Oh I will be very interested to hear how the hat goes. I agree that the info on technique that comes with a pattern can be really useful – having sewn a Nicole Mallalieu hat before I learnt a lot from her pattern! Keep me posted on progress!!

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