We have winners!

All in all, there were 161 comments before the deadline, and using this random number generator; the four winners are:

  1. Comment 102, Susan, 2 skeins Koigu KPPPM P21481;
  2. Comment 72, Soozs, 1 skein Schaefer Yarn Heather, Coretta Scott King;
  3. Comment 108,  blogless Kelly R, Trekking XXL Colour 175, Lot 7428;
  4. Comment 76, blogless Darja, Trekking XXL Colour 153, Lot 7637;

Thank-you everyone for participating, it has been heaps of fun for me, I really like receiving comments.  Each of the winners has received an email asking for their mailing address. I am off to Guangzhou for the day tomorrow, doing some more advanced yarn hunting.


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I can be contacted at travellersyarn at yahoo.com

4 thoughts on “We have winners!”

  1. congrats to you winners .. have fun knitting them 🙂

    i will be surprised if you find alot of yarn in guangzhou ingrid, my ex husband spent a month there years ago for work and didn’t see any, mind you being male that doesn’t mean alot – he probably didn’t look in the right places. About the only thing i do remember about it was that he said it was very flat. That and the beer was odd, and he wasn’t keen on fish heads and rice for breakfast.

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