Sock yarn giveaway – Koigu, Schaefer Heather, and others!

2009-04-26-0942009-04-26-0912009-04-26-0842009-04-26-098As you probably know, I run a yarn business, and need to knit a lot of sample garments for it.  I have come to realise that there are some yarns that I am not going to knit; despite feeling full of affection for them, and I have decided to release them to the knitters of the world.  While I could sell these yarns, it might confuse my Yarn Workshop customers, and I really enjoy this personal blog, and the friends that I have made through it.

There is enough of each yarn for a pair of socks.  I am going to use a random number generator and give them away to four people who leave comments on this post before  5 May 2009.  I am happy to send them anywhere in the world, and will give them away in the order that they are listed.  The yarns are:

  1. 2 skeins Koigu KPPPM P21481;
  2. 1 skein Schaefer Yarn Heather, Coretta Scott King;
  3. Trekking XXL Colour 175, Lot 7428;
  4. Trekking XXL Colour 153, Lot 7637 (while the ball band appears to have been mauled by a lion, the yarn is fine!);

Happy commenting!


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174 thoughts on “Sock yarn giveaway – Koigu, Schaefer Heather, and others!”

  1. I’m a lurker from the beginning! These are lovely and I have to say I was surprised by your comment on your hair yesterday. When I first saw the picture I thought “oh her hair looks lovely!” and then below I saw how you were not in love with the cut. 🙂

  2. I found your blog just before Christmas, when you photographed a wall of Lacey Lamb, and I fell in love. I later found out about your shop, and have been thrilled with the hours of dyeing, but I lurk about here on occasion too! Very generous to offer up your precious stash… 🙂

  3. Wow! Beautiful yarn…!
    I have been following your blog for a while now, I stumbled upon it via another blog (don´t remember which) and stayed 😉

  4. WOW! sometimes lurking pays off 🙂
    I know I should omment more but it always seems like somebody else already said it. so why just be repetitious?

    Anyway the yarns are indeed lovely and anyone would be lucky to recieve them.

    Best Wishes.

  5. I just love this!
    I gave away some yarn a while ago, and making that person happy was worth so much more than a couple of $!!

  6. WOW!!! It’s all so pretty and the yarns are GORGEOUS!!!!

    Love the koigu, the scheafer, and the trekking !!!

    Great colors too!!!

  7. Mmmm, now if I could dye my Footscray those gorgeous plum colors like the Koigu, well, it would be heavenly! Guess I better shake up the dye bottles and turn on the stove. But then if I won them….

  8. Ooooh, great yarns ^________^
    If I win, I promise I’ll knit my first pair of socks: I bought the DPN needles but I’ve never tryed to knit a pair of socks 🙂

  9. Hee hee : funny how comments increase when there is free yarn involved 🙂

    My favorite one is the first one (purple). I love this kind of twist in fine yarn !!

  10. I’ve come over from the Destash International Forum at Ravelry. How could I resist a tagline that says “Yarn Giveaway”?

  11. I’ve just found your blog. The sock yarn looks great. I have just started my first pair of socks and have been warned that they are addicting. I haven’t got to that phase yet, but maybe as the socks progress out of k1,p1 phase! 🙂

  12. Oooooohhhhh Koigu. We just stopped carrying it at my LYS and I mourn its loss a little every time I go into the store. It’s so sweet of you to be giving these away!

  13. Wauw, lovely yarns – now I’m drooling a bit and slowly beginning to dream about which yarn I would like the most… Well, a girl is always allowed to dream, ain’t she???

  14. These are gorgeous yarns, and I’ve not had a chance to make socks with any of them yet. Would be great to get a chance to try. This is wonderful of you to do!

  15. I followed the link from Ravelry (it said ‘sock yarn’ and ‘giveaway’, I couldn’t resist!) and am leaving a comment as requested 🙂 I think your sock yarn would be very happy with me and it’s coming up to winter in NZ so the perfect time to stay at home and knit

  16. Having only been a knitter for a relatively short time, I have only now (within the last month or two) started using fingering and sock weights and I love them! I am fixated on shawls and wanting to do more socks and … winning a skein or two would give me the happies!

  17. cool…this blog is going to be flooded. Love all the dyed gallery. Koigu? Schaeffer? cool ….sock knitting is addictive indeed

  18. Ooooh… pwetty…! *drool* I wish I could afford to buy such amazing yarns like that. Pick me and make a very poor student very, very happy? *puppydogeyes*

  19. Wow, what nice yarns. I came here through Ravelry, and I’d love to win 🙂 The first (purple) yarn will be sooo nice for a scarf.

  20. Even though I visited Shanghai twice( total of 2 days), I never had a chance to eat the famous local Shanghai Bun and visit local Yarn shop. I envy you! Did I mentioned I know how to make pot-sticker?

    Everywhere I traveled, I would visit local yarn shop if possible. But because we joined tour, no such luck! One of the us in the tour asked the guide to take her to a local silk thread store to get embroidery silk thread and I did not make the connection that I can used them double or triple as knitting yarn. Therefore, I did not get any. They were like 5 cents a bundle. I still kicking my foot as of typing NOW!!!!!

    I did visit one very local yarn shop in a small city in China, don’t find the yarn that exciting though. Perhaps it was years ago. What do you think? You did not mention the yarns too much in your blog.

    Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe – my hubby like it so much and I really don’t enjoy it. I find them quite boring after seeing many times(they all do throw big vases, stun with chairs and people on top of each other).

    And last but the most important point, the winning of the sock yarns – perhaps you can inspire a old bird like me who had 30 years of knitting experience(I only started young, not that old), never knitted a pair of sock. Perhaps the freebie can change my knitting experience.

    I will check my mail box everyday!

  21. Hi there – your undyed stuff is gorgeous and so is the commercial stuff you have here.

    I already have piles, but as socks wear out more is always welcome.

  22. I’m knitting socks for the Romanian street kids especially need boys colourways so would be more than grateful for free yarn.. thanks

  23. I came across your post on Ravelry, and thought to myself, no harm trying in a draw. I might be lucky for ONCE! Lets see if I am lucky 🙂

  24. Oh so very very pretty. And as a knitter who has just discovered the lovelyness of sock knitting. This giveaway is even more exciting.

  25. ooo what pretty pretty yarn!!!:) i would love to make stuff with them… now off to looking at the rest of your blog…:D

  26. Wow, I love your taste in color! they’re all gorgeous yarns, I particularly like the blue and green yarns with their brown tones!

    This is the first time I’ve visited your personal blog, and I’m loving your sense of color and shape 🙂 – an fyi re your fixing a too short top, a similar technique can be used for buttonholes in the wrong place… It seems obvious, but hey, I didn’t think of it DX

  27. Ohhh, yarn! I love to knit and can already see a stack of coffee cozies from each of those colors! 🙂

  28. The colors of the yarns are so warm and comforting!! This is such a GREAT excuse to learn how to make socks!!!

  29. Well here’s hoping luck is on my side. If not keep blogging, I love to find out what you are working on.

  30. Such wonderful yarns – a very generous giveaway!

    re Pearl Buck – yes, the fronts do curl inwards. I don’t mind that much, as the real action is in the back. But am thinking of sewing a wide ribbon (grosgrain probably) done with inside of each front, to see if that stops the curling.

  31. Would love to get lucky… You have a strong soul to be able to part with such beautiful yarn……..Good for us

  32. I have been wanting to learn to knit socks – I do believe one of these brilliant yarns would be exactly the nudge I need. Thanks!

  33. great yarns! Thanks for doing this give-away, overhere in The Netherlands, we’re still waiting for a european place to buy Koigu yarn!

  34. AHHH! I’d be super excited to get some sock yarn. I’ve yet to attempt any socks but this just might be the thing to do the trick!

  35. Thanks for the chance of winning beautiful yarn, but aren’t you afraid you’ll be sorry for not having it anymore?
    Kind regards!

  36. What beautiful yarn you have! Found you through the Freebie forum on Rav, I would love to have some of the pretty if I’m lucky enough to be picked!

  37. I live in Koigu-deprived Berlin and would be ecstatic to win your lovely yarn. What a generous offer you are making!

  38. What a fun/friendly/nice idea . . . I love numbers 1 and 3. I’ve sort of sworn of sock knitting (takes so long) but for pretty yarn, I can change my plans!

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