Finished Juno Regina


I’ll start with the artistic shot (courtesy of the chief photographer – I’m not getting this sort of shot with a self-timer!). As you might be able to see, I’ve had a hair cut, and I’m not particularly happy with it.  The length is simultaneously too short and too long, and the style reminds me of my fourth grade teacher.  A younger Ingrid might have needed a day of crying before facing the world, but the 38 year old Ingrid is coping (just).  Hair grows. In spite of the hair trauma, I’ve finally come out as an internet knitter, and have put a full face photo up on the shop site. The photo required substantial tweaking in Picasa to avoid me looking like a vampire.

Here’s a shot on my favourite chair, which is one of a pair rescued by my husband off the street in Sydney. We had to keep them stored for over 18 months, with the truly putrid cushions in sealed garbage bags before we could afford to get them reupholstered. They are exceptionally comfortable.


The shot that actually reflects the quality of the knitting is below.  The circled errors reflect the knitting done while waiting at the Motor Registry to renew our car registration.  I was standing in a queue, which apparently creates less than optimal conditions for even simple lace knitting. I realised the errors after another 15cm, and refused to rip back, and now they add character.



Pattern: Juno Regina from Knitty (free pattern) designed by the marvellous Mim Felton.

Needles: KnitPicks Metal 80cm fixed circulars 3.25 mm.

Yarn: Yarn Workshop Geelong, kettle dyed with Ashford Acid dyes, and overdyed to cover the skein tie marks!

Modifications: I made the length of the scarf 6″ inches longer than specified in the pattern. Unintentional design features all over the place.

Tomorrow, I’m going to formally announce the sock yarn giveaway.  Meanwhile, I am working on Ene’s Scarf, a pair of socks for my brother, and am obsessing about Liesl.  I have heaps of knitting to do because Yarn Workshop will be a vendor at the Sock Summit! So much to organise…..


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4 thoughts on “Finished Juno Regina”

  1. So glad you are coming to the Sock Summit!!! my eldest daughter lives in Portland, as does half of my extended family so of course, I am going and I will look for you 🙂
    And, I like the design features in your scarf. May I use this phrase when discussing the attributes of my next project?!

  2. Juno Regina came out beautifully! I, too, am excited to hear you are definitely coming to Sock Summit. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. I have wanted to make this for a while, but I’m afraid I don’t have the yarn yet and with two little kids I’m not so sure a lace pattern is going to work well at this time. Your piece is beautiful. I had to laugh to when you said your name was “Ingrid”. That’s also my sister’s name. My parents decided to name us kids with a German motif; Heidi, Gretchen, Johan & Ingrid.:)

  4. Your new hair do looks good! I also recently cut my hair to just above shoulder length. Although I can’t style it as nicely as my hairdresser, I still like it as it saves me a few minutes each day during shampoo time, hehe.

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