Do you want to drink this?

I haven’t taken photos of my knitting this week, despite making good progress on the revised Anais, nearly finishing one mitt, and being in a dyeing frenzy. My daylight hours have been occupied with work and parenting.  Yarn Workshop continues to grow, and I think that I have just found some new 100% silk yarns! As for the parenting, this has been one of the more difficult weeks; probably enough to justify a few glasses of wine of an evening.  I came across this wine when I was looking in the supermarket for Sake.


In case you can’t see the description (the photo was taken with my phone); I’ve highlighted the English title in the photo below.


When I moved to Asia, I fancied myself a connoisseur of all things novel and exotic on the food front.  I’ve since learned that there are some things that I do not need to try! Does anyone know the point of this beverage?


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5 thoughts on “Do you want to drink this?”

  1. I think this is just the bottled version of what we see further inland in So. China restaurants (these are not found in your typical tourist restaurants!)- a variety of animal penises, soaking in large glass jugs of wine in order to extract their “mojo”. the elderly, infirm, and men-concerned-with-their-masculinity drink this medicinal-tonic-wine for energy and …performance…. We have seen snake penis wine most often. Also mouse embryo wine (a friend of ours was give a spoonful of this a day as a child to combat asthma!).
    I admit, it’s fascinating, but I have never ventured into tasting it…. 🙂

  2. I just realized I can’t talk. My favorite wine on earth is Menage a Trois. (But at least it boasts no animal parts!) When you come back to the States you must tell me where to send you a bottle. Or 2.

  3. Hi! This comment might come as a little strange and definitely very late, but I can safely tell you that it’s likely to be a terrible translation. “海狗” means seal, while “酒” means wine. As for “鞭”, I always knew it as a whip (like, y’know, a leather belt or something) but maybe it has some sick connotation behind it… hmm, I wouldn’t know.


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