Finished Anais (with vestigial ears)


These shots were taken on Saturday after a really fun dyeing session with some of the Hong Kong Knitterati. They admired certain aspects of  my completed Anais, and I tried not to be too anxious about overdyeing the massive amount of cashmere that Siow Chin had bought.  I don’t know why she trusted me, with my history of felting beautiful yarn! Luckily, no yarn was felted, and we all had a good time. The colour that  Siow Chin achieved was gorgeous, and the yarn felt amazing.


But, I hear you ask, what of the vesitigial ears? Anais does not fit me in her current form, and it is due to problems on my part (not correctly calculating where my waist is), and also problems with the pattern. With the suggested row gauge (32 rows per 4″), the finished item will end up nearly 1″  shorter than the the schematic measurement to the arm hole.  If you go through the back instructions, it specifies rib for 2.5″, then stocking stitch for 1″, then 19 rows of waist decreases (2.375″), working even for 2.5″, 19 rows of increases (2.375″). If you add up the length to the armholes at the specified row gauge, you get 10.75″. This is three-quarters of an inch shorter than the length specified in the pattern diagram. I have written to Berroco about the error, and the Design Assistant said that a revised errata will be posted, but I am yet to see it on their website.


I compared the pattern diagram to a favourite vest of mine and added 2.5″ to the body of Anais. Despite this additition it is still at least 1″ too short, and the waist shaping does not correspond to the location of my actual waist. If you are having difficulties identifying the vestigial ears – I have circled them in the photos below.  One of my key figure anxieties would be about my hips.  When I was working for the hedge fund, one of my co-workers helpfully told me “your figure is quite in proportion, but my your hips are really broad”. While she lacked in tact, she was right on the money, and broad hips are not enhanced by flapping pockets of fabric.  The longer the top is worn, the worse they look.


Your advice needed

I had altered the pattern to knit in the round to the armholes, and am now contemplating an alteration to the finished object. I plan to pull a thread underneath my bust, and then knit down, correcting the fit issues.  I have plenty of left over yarn because I dyed an additional 100 grams in addition to the amount specified in the pattern. The thought of pulling a thread on my knitting and cutting causes me more than a little worry, and I am sure that I will need a glass or two of wine to get me there.  If there is any reason why this plan will not work, please let me know! All advice about pulling threads will be greatfully received, and I will be referring to my copy of Knitting Without Tears while undergoing the process.


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One thought on “Finished Anais (with vestigial ears)”

  1. Oh wow~~ I loveeee the color of the yarn.

    The chest portion and arms look amazing!

    It’s so sad to see the waist issue. ><: It must be frustrating. I have no clue how to go about that, good luck in getting some advice/help with it.

    It is such a pretty vest/sweater for it to not be worn. ❤

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