Appearances can be deceiving


It looks like this gorgeous child is wearing a completed hat – unfortunately; the picture below shows how little progress had been made on the hat.  The baby is a real, live 4 month old wearing another Barker baby hat prototype – this time made with the left over yarn from these two projects. The model was only in our house for 2 days, and I felt that his gorgeousness could not go un-utilised for the benefit of Yarn Workshop. Such a gorgeous baby boy, and such a placid temperament despite jet lag, exposure to new conditions, and being generally man handled by my two daughters.

Here is the actual progress on the hat – since these photos were taken, I have managed to get to the first round of crown decreases.


Trying the hat on did give me some more information for the pattern, and it should be ready soon (famous last words, I know).  I am really enjoying the way that the self striping sock yarn works up with the hand dyed Footscray. This baby was the lucky recipient of the second Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket, and happily,  it was travelling with him, and is beginning to look worn.  His mother had received strict instructions about not treating it as an heirloom, and she commented that it is well on its way to blankie status.

In other news, I am actually wearing the completed Anais, with both sleeves attached! It is a little too short, but I am going to ignore that.  I have some knitting buddies coming over for a dyeing party on Saturday, so will get them to help with photos then.


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