I’m not finished yet

Apparently, the making up of Anais takes longer than 1 hour and twenty minutes, because that is how long I have spent on it to date. The sewing on of the insert is about 500 times more annoying than the knitting of it.  I understand why so many people on Ravelry have left the sleeves off – I am having a lot of difficulty summoning enthusiasm for the task.

I’ve been distracted by the news of the bush fires in Australia, and the horrific loss of life  there. There are so many more families that have lost everything.   My husband now works in banking, but for over 10 years he was a professional fire fighter (in the NSW Fire Brigade)  in Australia.  He worked around the clock  through other bush fires, and had some very close calls; and my mother had one extremely close call when she was growing up. As far as we know, all our family and friends are safe, but every story that I hear sounds too close to home.

On the topic of Australia, did you know that (according to the Australian Consulate in Hong Kong) a valid Australian Passport is not proof of Australian citizenship? This is despite the fact that it clearly says “the bearer, an Australian citizen” inside it, and is conventionally regarded as the definitive proof of citizenship. I just had a fun time waiting there, in a vain attempt to renew younger daughter’s passport. Apart from needing to bring in her Citizenship certificate, they were also pass remarkable about my husband’s handwriting, and want me to produce his passport so that a careful comparison of his messy signatures can be made. I almost made a comment along the lines that “If we are estranged, all the comparisons in the world don’t really matter, because I already have a valid passport for her that expires in July 2009”; but decided that discretion about my ability to conduct a potential international child abduction might be a good idea. Luckily, I know where the citizenship certificate is, I am not estranged from my husband, and he is in Hong Kong, so I will take both requested documents back again this afternoon.  Hopefully a new passport can be issued – I know it seems like we are renewing early, but you can have difficult entering some countries when you have less than 6 months validity left on your passport. 

We have visitors later this week, so hopefully there will be photos taken of a finished Anais, and of another Barker baby hat in a bigger size. 

(edit) P.S.  If you would like to say thank-you to the Australian fire fighters that risked their life fighting the fires, MoseleyWool (Ravelry ID) is dyeing some yarn up so that you can knit thank-you socks! Send her a Ravelry PM, or let me know if you are not part of Ravelry.


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2 thoughts on “I’m not finished yet”

  1. And we have figured out recently that, even though my kids are Australian citizen by birthright because I am, that has changed. In order for my children’s kids to be considered Australian citizens, my children will have had to live in Australia for 2 years! It is no longer a right.

    I guess they have to be more careful with kids and no, you are not renewing early. Sometimes it can take awhile!

  2. The Duck Soup looks great so far. There are so many crafty people doing great things for the bushfire victims. Blanketsofriendship.blogspot.com is a blog about the blankets that we are knitting squares for. I just need to get mine finished, 2 more to knit up and I can post them off. Serendipity seems to be raising a lot of money too which is great.

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