Anais blocking


This has been a quick, quick project – mainly because I really liked knitting with the yarn (Yarn Workshop Ultimo), and because it used a surprisingly small amount of yarn. I think that I started on January 21, after dyeing and overdying the yarn with Ashford dyes from this kit. The yarn is lovely to knit with, and has a lovely sheen that does not show up in this last minute photo. Action shots will be posted after Sunday at Disneyland, when we celebrate one month of  older daughter’s amblyopia patching. The dyeing was highly experimental, and I took no notes or photos, but kept going until I achieved a relatively solid green.  I am trying to use a little more colour in my wardrobe!

I freely admit that I was inspired to knit this by Tehri, Mari, and Kris (oh, those Finnish knitters), and made special note of Mari’s amendments to the pattern. When I was inspecting the sleeves, I further reduced the number of decreases specified (when the pattern says knit 2 together 15 times, I knit 1, knit 2 together, knit 1, 7 times, and added an extra knit stitch on either side).   I also made a lot of other amendments detailed below. 

The pattern specifies 7 balls of Ultra Alpaca Light for the size 42,   (931 metres of yarn).  I added 2 and half inches to the body of the sweater, and made the armholes half an inch deeper, and made the neck higher, and made the sleeves for the size 46, and still used approximately 929 metres of yarn (according to my scale and the yarn count for  Ultimo). The people at Berroco do seem to specify exceedingly generous amounts in their patterns, something that I am counting on when I cast on for Ursa from some stashed Rowan Kid Classic in Crushed Velvet. Otherwise, the pattern was easy to follow, but is really light on making up instructions.  I am planning to sew the sleeves in from the point where the armhole decreases begin; and was peering at lots of photos on Ravelry of finished objects to try and figure out how the sleeves were meant to work. Thank goodness for the internet, it saved my sanity!

More details will come with the modeled shots!



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4 thoughts on “Anais blocking”

  1. Oh my! That is truly stunning–design, color, yarn–can’t wait to see it finished!

    Alas, I am not home yet–Wednesday we leave. Two more days, sigh.

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