The cold weather warning is in force


Here in Hong Kong, the government observatory takes its warning system very seriously, and issues a variety of warnings, including the “cold weather warning”; which has been in force the past couple of days. Part of the “cold weather warning” is that “members of the public are advised to put on warm clothes”. 

I’ve been wearing my hand-knitted socks a lot this winter, especially when the temperature is as low as 16 °C (that’s 60° F). Now I shouldn’t jest – it can be cold without a heater at night, but this weather is like an English summer!  To all of you experiencing truly cold weather, you have my sympathies. The photos were taken 10 minutes ago in the back yard.  The socks have been worn at least a dozen times.


Basic Socks

Needles: Knitpicks fixed  Harmony circulars 2.25mm

Yarn: Yarn Workshop Footscray hand-dyed with food colouring

Pattern: My basic magic loop top-down sock pattern.

Thanks for all the comments about patching my older daughter.  Things have become easier as the vision in her weaker eye improves.  We will be continuing patching for the next few months, and then back to the Opthalmologist.


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3 thoughts on “The cold weather warning is in force”

  1. When you’re used to 90F, 60F is cold. Even when you know darned well that in six months, you’ll be so used to 45F that 60F feels like a lovely warm day. Acclimation is an amazing phenomenon, and hypothermia can happen at surprisingly warm temperatures.

    Beautiful socks!

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