Happy New Year!

Yesterday was a lovely day, despite needing to do some boring tasks.  On my way through the mail, I discovered that Franklin of the Panopticon had sent me a campaign tour host badge for the photo that Yam, Lynn and I took of Dolores on the streets of Hong Kong.  He had also sent one for Yam, so I arranged to meet up with her at Cheer Wool, a Hong Kong LYS that is having a little sale. Here is the photo that we submitted to receive the badge.


While I was waiting for Yam at Cheer Wool, I ran into Siow Chin, who was buying Silk Garden for mittens, and we were discussing overdyeing yarn.  I told her that I had photos of a source for acid dyes in Hong Kong (apart from Yarn Workshop) and that the photos were taken for a blog post, but that I had never gotten around to posting about them.

Shui Shing Hong is a classic old school Hong Kong shop in a side street in Sheung Wan (contact details, including a map from Sheung Wan MTR, are in the link).



I discovered this place through the power of Google, and it sells food chemicals (including citric acid and large bottles of vinegar). They sell a wide variety of food colours in industrial quantities.   The fellows inside the shop seemed to be quite dubious about the use of the food colouring on wool, but are happy to decant smaller amounts of the powered dyes for sale. The dyes are in large, very dusty bottles, and the prices vary wildly from colour to colour.  The prices for all colours are way cheaper than the best prices that you can obtain for conventional acid dyes, and they are dispensed in little plastic bags.


I used these dyes to dye the yarn for my Koolaas hat, and go through their citric acid a lot!

In the afternoon, I had to go to the Transport Department to renew the car’s registration, and faced a huge queue (over an hour long).  Luckily, I had come prepared with my Juno Regina, which still has a while to go before it can be worn. I love how knitting makes waiting bearable!

Tonight we will have a quiet night in with a leg of lamb and red wine, and more Juno Regina.  Today I need to load up more stock to the store, and get everything ready for the January Sale on cones of yarn. For all my readers out there, I have a coupon avialble for use at the store.  Simply email coupon@yarnworkshop.com, and you will receive a 10% off  coupon (valid for retail sales only) that is valid until then end of January.  Happy New Year!


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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year!

    Love the pictures of the shop. I brought my camera when we were there too but I might save your pictures too if you don’t mind.

    My goal on New Year’s Day is to dye. It should be very quiet and nothing is open…great day to dye yarn, right?

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