My sister’s Christmas knitting

I am fortunate to be part of a family of knitters. We have just returned from our quick Christmas trip to Australia (sun, beach, stone fruits, delightful), and while I was there I took these shots of some lace knitting completed by my extremely talented big sister. She has long been my chief knitting enabler, with a keen eye for on-line sock yarn purchases, and is always available as my technical expert. The baby blanket is knitted using the Estonian Lullaby baby blanket from Fiber Trends and Yarn Workshop Frankston (under 4 skeins). It will be given to a baby due early in the new year.  As well as being a better knitter than me, my sister is also way more organised! 


The scarf below is knitted from Heng Yuan Xiang lace weight yarn that I gave her for her birthday, and uses under 100 grams.  The pattern is Estonian Garden scarf from Fiber Trends  (notice a trend with her pattern choices)?


My sister has already given the scarf to her cousin in law.  I don’t think that I can speak for all Australian knitters, but in my family we do not have a tradition of giving hand-knitted goods at Christmas.  This is probably due to the summer heat, making knitters reluctant to have an intense pre-christmas knitting burst.   The lucky cousin will be returning to the French winter in the very near future.  Here is another (slightly blurry) shot to show the detail. I think that it is gorgeous.


To facilitate further knitting adventures,  my sister received a set of Knit Picks Options needles for Christmas. Some times it is very handy for her to have a sister that runs an online yarn shop.


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