Baby knitting


Yet another Estonian Lullaby baby blanket – this time to be sent to the UK for a friend’s baby (who is one quarter Estonian). Nothing much exciting to report, (you can see  my earlier post on this pattern for further details) – I’ll have more details later this week of my sister’s version of this pattern (using Yarn Workshop Frankston).

After realising that baby blankets take a long time (especially in fingering weight!) I devised this hat, which is ideal for using up left over sock yarn.  This hat was knitted using left over Footscray.  Another baby hat should be generated over this week for a little girl recently born in Conneticut, and will try and write up the pattern when I am in Australia over Christmas. It will be called the Barker hat, in honour of the most useful baby book author I encountered when the girls were in those early days.


Below you can see them put togther on one of older daughter’s dolls (in her new bedroom). 


Many thanks to all of you who wished me good luck with the move.  We needed every bit of it… To date, we still have only one curtain hanging in the master bedroom (one hanging track is not properly affixed); no paintings hung anywhere (the plaster is cracking and it needs to be fixed before the paintings can be hung); and NO OVEN! The last circumstance is driving me batty.  Two weeks without an oven in the holiday season is some kind of special torture for me. There is an oven in place in the kitchen, apparently it is brand new, but it seems to be completely without a thermostat.  It has only one temperature: thermonuclear.  I discovered this when I managed to burn a curry in 35 minutes after setting it to gas mark 2 (300° F).  Further tests with gas mark 1 revealed the same result. The contractor had promised that it would be fixed by last Friday, and has been dodging our calls since then.  If we were planning to spend Christmas here, I would be truly panicking.  Luckily, we will be having a traditional Australian beach Christmas.

During the two weeks since the move, things have been insane here – lots of orders for Yarn Workshop, my birthday, older daughter’s birthday (luckily I had outsourced the baking of the birthday cake for older daughter), and mass layoffs at my husband’s employer.  Fortunately, he is employed for the time being, but we will see what the new year holds.  If I don’t post again before Christmas, Merry Christmas to you all.


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