Moving, moving


This is the actual state of our living room at present. We haven’t packed up my office yet, and I am holed up in here trying to ignore the chaos around me.  We are on the move within Hong Kong, to a place with a back yard! While the back yarn would be considered tiny by Australian, or US standards, it will make a big difference to our life style.  You might even get to see some grass in knitting shots.   I have no knitting to show – I have a pair of socks in need of kitchener stitch, another Estonian baby blanket with ends galore, and a not quite completed baby hat of my own design. Following the reaction to the Voltaire scarf, I might be encouraged to encouraged to write up more of the ideas percolating in my head.

On knitting related topics, I have sent off my application for the Nordic Knitting Conference in Seattle next year, and am incredibly excited about going to my first knitting conference.  Chances are that I will be going by myself, so am keen for yarn shopping tips in Vancouver and Seattle; and would also love to know a good place to stay near the Nordic Heritage Museum.

I am not a good mover. While other people seem to find reorganising soothing, for me it is demoralising. The contemplation of the move makes me steadily more anxious.  This week, I have had no fun, and have had to blow off all activities that were not directly related to the move, or the business.  Of course, we had timed the move to coincide with the launch of the new web site for Yarn Workshop, and I am still working on that site to get it functioning predictably.   Walking has helped me keep my sanity together, and I will leave you with a picture that I took yesterday on my walk. Hong Kong has some amazing walks!



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3 thoughts on “Moving, moving”

  1. Good luck with the move. Remember the boxes and organization will wait, take some time for yourself and enjoy your new residence. Make sure you pack that knitting project in the overnight bag so you know right where it is! I look forward to seeing pictures soon. Love all the photos in your post.

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