Voltaire Scarf Pattern!


I’ve written up the Voltaire Scarf pattern, and it is available here.  Please let me know (gently) if you find any errors. I am finally beginning to conquer the killer cold that has had my family in its claws.


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I can be contacted at travellersyarn at yahoo.com

7 thoughts on “Voltaire Scarf Pattern!”

  1. Love the pattern – thank you! After only a few rows it is looking great in my handspun. It is going to be a xmas present for my stepdad who bought me a spinning wheel earlier this year.

  2. Hi, not sure if this is the right way to reach you…I love this pattern and have just started to knit it today with my newly arrived yarn…but then I got stuck on the second row 😦 How exactly does “skip 1 stitch, knit the second stitch, leaving it on the needle, then knit the skipped stitch” work? I am so confused..

    A confused knitting beginner

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