Lots of yarn in Bangkok

But not much that I was looking for…. I found two shops in Thailand; Big Knit Cafe and Zawa Knitting.  Luckily, they are almost across the road from each other, on Sukhumvit 49; but unfortunately,  I only got to visit Big Knit Cafe.  I had done some research prior to getting to Bangkok about the location of yarn shops, and had found a way to get to Big Knit Cafe. Of couse, I didn’t realise that Zawa Knitting was almost immediately across the road, until I was in a taxi with an irritable family, speeding away from both yarn shops. I am informed by my Bangkok spies that Zawa Knitting carries Knitpicks needles, but I know nothing else about their stock.

First off, Big Knit Cafe has an ideal lay out for a local yarn shop. There are plenty of comfortable couches, and a huge working table in the middle of the room, where there was a teacher who was assisting people. The staff were friendly and helpful, and I was allowed to fondle the yarn. It would be a dream come true to have this kind of LYS in Hong Kong.


The range of yarn was very European, with an emphasis on novelty yarn… The cafe was also decorated with novelty yarn – see the photo below! The food in the cafe was excellent, and my husband declared the coffee the best he had in Thailand.  I was looking for Thai silk yarns, having read a reference to them on Ravelry. There were no Thai yarns, sock yarns, silk yarns or lace weight yarns. I did pick up some Lana Grossa Qui (colour 202) at a price that seems comparable with the European prices. I think that it is destined to be a Felicity hat. They also seemed to have the full range of the Zara yarns, which is always a good thing in my book.


There were lots of hand knit items for sale, and they all appeared to be beautifully knitted. I am not sure who buys it all, given that Bangkok has a tropical climate.


The knitting needles were not out on display, but they appeared to have Addi needles, and well as bamboo needles.

Of course, there are attractions galore in Thailand apart from the knitting. I think that a lot of crafting energy is probably diverted into the amazing things that the Thai do with food, and flowers. The flowers below were at a very simple market in Phuket, and at first glance you would not notice that the lotus flowers have each been indiviually trimmed with the outer petals folded back.


These bracelets were for sale at the flower market in Bangkok, and a tiny representation of the huge range of beautiful flower bracelets and other works available. They also smelt amazing! Unfortunately, we went to the flower market on our last day in Bangkok. On our next trip, I fully intend to be at the flower market on day 1 to decorate our hotel room.


 Zawa Knitting: 49 Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok

Big Knit Cafe: 88 Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok

Nearest Bangkok Sky Train stop: Thong Lo – but it is a good 15 minute walk over dubious/non-existent footpaths from there – not recommended if you are dragging reluctant 4 and 5 year old children. We took a taxi (fare about US $1.50) for the reverse trip.

I should also mention that I was absolutely elated with the US election result – and that the much requested Voltaire pattern is being drafted, and should be up tomorrow. I’ve had a week of very low productivity due to a heavy cold.


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5 thoughts on “Lots of yarn in Bangkok”

  1. Stumbled upon your entry about LYS in Thailand (via L&V featuring your Voltaire Scarf)…which on the one hand surprises me, and on the other…well, I don’t know how I feel about it. I’ll probably be writing something about this in the future on my blog. 🙂

  2. Owl Crafts, owlcraftshop.com, 3rd floor, 1179/9 Thanon Manorom, Rama IV Road, Klongton, Khlongtoei, Bangkok. Th. Manoram is just past the Tesco Lotus on Rama IV Road. They have yarn and knitting supplies.

  3. so did anyone find the silk knitting yarn that seems to be made by The Loom Bangkok.I will be in Bangkok next week and looking for it. Anybody that knows please tell me. Thanks

  4. Big Knit Cafe looks so cute! I’m going to Bangkok this January on study abroad and hope I can check out both Big Knit and Zawa. Thanks for this resource! I also compiled a list of about a dozen yarn stores I found in Hong Kong on my blog for anyone interested. Happy knitting!

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