Voltaire scarf and Koolhaas hat

So, I have been knitting, if not blogging.  Above is a store sample for Yarn Workshop, an faithful rendition of Koolhaas, made out of Yarn Workshop Bellingen.  I loved working with the yarn, and I love how the cables “sproing” out of the purls. I indavertently made the men’s size because I misread the pattern, and it is a bit too big for me, but is still wearable.  It has been pouring with rain in Hong Kong the last couple of days, so you will have to make do with an indoor shot.

The scarf below is inspired by a shop in Hong Kong called Zadig & Voltaire (which is apparently French).   It is in an expensive mall, and while some of the clothes are absurd (a fine cashmere pullover decorated with an intarsia motif of a pot leaf, superimposed with a skull?), there are others which would take my fancy, but for the price.  I noticed a gorgeous cashmere scarf for my husband, but decided to reverse engineer it when I saw the price, only US $425! Instead I dipped into the stash and used under 150 grams of Colourmart 2/7nM (a227/a136) 100% cashmere ($US 36 or under!).  Blogless Yam and I  went to the store and very closely inspected it, and agreed that there was some kind of baby cable coupled with a garter rib.  I went to my Barbara Walker, and swatched a little.

One of the things that had attracted me to the scarf was that it looked good from both sides, despite not being conventionally “reversible”. The photo below shows the reverse side of the baby cables. The scarf lies flat and still drapes nicely.  The cashmere feels absolutely amazing once washed. I have swatch photos that show how the cashmere bloomed, but they need to be downloaded (oops). All the knitters in my stitch’n’bitch group were “oohing” and “aahing ” over its softness.  All in all, the scarf took me about 2 weeks, and it has been well received, with its first outing on Saturday night when we went to see the Wallabies lose at the Bledisloe Cup.

Forthcoming posts: where to find yarn in Bangkok!

P.S. For my US readers, please vote (ideally for Obama!). The rest of the world does not get to vote, but it affects us too!


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15 thoughts on “Voltaire scarf and Koolhaas hat”

  1. Hi. I voted early–and for Obama. We and the rest of the world are holding our breath. And your scarf is magnifique!!

  2. So what did you figure out for the stitch? It is absolutely gorgeous! Love the hat too. Yep, I voted. Thanks for the reminder

  3. GO Obama!!! Love the color of the scarf and the pattern… I love the hat but it cost $4.50 for the pattern. Not sure if I want to buy it.

    Beautiful work!

  4. Hi, I am French and I am a Z&V cashmere addict. I go three of the jumpers from outlet stores.

    I discovered the Colourmart Web Site because I woud like to knit a scarf for a friend of mine for her 35th bithday. And the one you made is exactly what I am looking for !!

    But due to my poor English i did not understand “that there was some kind of baby cable coupled with a garter rib”

    Would you mind giving some indications to help me knit it ?

    Thanls in advance

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