Back into the swing of things

That is the girls hopping on the school bus this morning.  One of the perks of life in Hong Kong is that there are supervised school buses for children from pre-school age. You can see the “bus mother” helping older daughter up the stairs. Can you tell that I am relieved to have them back at school? I am not ideologically opposed to home schooling, but it is definitely not anything that I would consider for our family.

We had an epic trip from Sydney involving a flight delayed by 8 hours, and an unexpected detour to Manila, and an extremely bumpy landing, all due to Typhoon Nuri.  The girls were a little perplexed as to why we were landing in “Vanilla”, and older daughter went so far as to proclaim that she could smell the “Vanilla” while we were seated on the plane, on the tarmac at the airport! Luckily, before the rather stressful return, we had a lovely holiday in Australia.  We spent most of the time in Port Macquarie, staying at my parents’ place. It is a wonderful antidote to Hong Kong, and I love it during winter.  We had picnics at beautiful locations, and encounters with co-operative wildlife.

The girls loved feeding the kangaroos! I did buy some yarn, but have not photographed it yet.

As for knitting – I did finish a Noro striped scarf for myself on day 1 of the trip to Australia, and immediately starting wearing it. I love knitting this project (this is my second), and love wearing it too.  While I love the colours of the Noro Cashmere Island, I had a few issues with the yarn this time.  I used colours 7 and 11 (2 balls of each) that I had purchased in Paris. One ball of 7 weighed only 42 grams (instead of 50) and was noticeably smaller after winding into a ball.  The yarn seemed much less evenly spun that the Cashmere Island that I used for my husband’s scarf. Project details here, and I varied the pattern in the same way as the my first version of this scarf. I stopped knitting when the scarf was as long as I am tall.

Of course, the trip to Australia was during the Beijing Olympics, and I should not have been working on the striped scraf, but instead on my Skater’s Overtop (Ravelry link). I did make progress on it, but failed to complete it during the Olympics. There were a number of contributing factors, like international travel, being a sole parent to a 4 and 5 year old while travelling, my complete inability to process the simple arithmetic required to keep track of 2 lace patterns (one repeating over 8 rows, and the other over 20 rows), actually wanting to watch the Olympics, and so on and so forth. I think that the photo below was taken at row 45, and I would estimate that every row between rows 30 and 40 was knitted at least twice. The infamous rows 34 and 35 were knitted thrice, and for that, I blame the finals of the women’s uneven bars. 


So for now, its back to work. Despite my expectations to the contrary, orders for Yarn Workshop continued to come in while I was away, and I commenced working (with a real web developer) on a new site for the business.  We received stock of our Knit Picks needles (and have already sold out of the Deluxe Harmony Options sets), and I’ve got new yarns coming in left, right, and center.


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9 thoughts on “Back into the swing of things”

  1. Lace on such small gauge can be challengeng to me. At least you got that far done. Now that the kids are back to school, there’ll be more time to knit!

  2. What stunning scenery! Glad you had such a nice trip home … but oh how stressfull international travel can be! I will be going to Germany and then on to Wales to visit my best friend in November and am already dreading the travel. I found the treatment of small children in Japan to be similar to yours in HK … they were careful with them which I think made them more secure later when at ages 6 and up I would see them riding the Tokyo subway all by themselves.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi! Nick has just sent me to your site – your brother-in-law, that is. I’m sure with a bridge player in the family, you will understand what difficulty I am having with a simple lace sock pattern at the moment. I’m playing in the Pan Asia bridge championships and I can’t pick it up without making a mistake….

    Cheers, Cathy

  4. Oh, I’m jealous! Port Macquarie! I was just thinking this morning how to convince my husband that we should all go for Christmas in Australia in 2009 (kids are all in college) and that we should make a trip to Port! I love that place! took the kids there a few years back when we were in Australia & they loved it. I grew up going for holidays there. Did you go to the Koala park?

    I’m off to Hong Kong in 2 1/2 weeks! Hopefully I will be able to attend a Stitch N Bitch in HK. I’ll keep an eye on the reminder e-mails to see where it is & try not to plan anything during that time.

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