Book review – “Knitting Classic Style”

This is hardly an impartial book review – I am an unabashed fan of Veronik Avery, the designer behind Knitting Classic Style.

I bought Knitting Classic Style  from Amazon with a bundle of other knitting books, and all the others suffered in comparison with it.  Veronik Avery really is an amazing hand knitting designer, and the photos of the patterns in the book are also lovely. 

With a few exceptions, these are not patterns for the faint hearted, and this is most certainly not a “learn how to knit” book.  Thankfully, Knitting Classic Style assumes that the reader is an experienced knitter, and contains only 4 pages of relatively advanced technical tips.

There are 35 patterns in the book, and most of them are very desirable.  One of my criticisms of the book is in its organisation. The patterns are not listed by name in the index, and also are not listed in the table of contents.  The Table of contents does break the patterns into 4 categories “Fashion Mavens”, “Tomboys”, “Global Travelers” and “Thrill seekers” but these titles bear almost no relevance to  the patterns within. While I can see the “Military Jacket” pattern above fitting into the Tomboys theme, this theme also contains the Mohair Potrait Scarf (photo below):

I am not sure that any part of this scarf is tomboyish! I love this pattern, and am having difficulty resisting the urge to cast it on.

I am making the Overtop from the “Layered Skater’s Top” (above) for the Ravelmpics (a double entry in both the Sweater Sprint and the Laceweight Longjump for Team Oz), but will be adding substantially to its length, and dropping to smaller needle size around the waist to add some de facto waist shaping.  My other criticism of this book is how abbreviated many of the sweaters are. I would also complain about the prepnderance of raglans, but most of the knitting world doesn’t seem to share my passionate dislike of raglan sweaters. Raglans look awful on me, something to do with my narrow sloping shoulders, I suspect. As for the midriff issue, let’s just say that I was not that keen on midriff tops before having 2 children.

Apart from the general beauty of the patterns in Knitting Classic Style, they are also very practical, and all come in a wide variety of sizes.  I have already made a “Montreal Tuque” in the child’s size (substituting Zara for the recommended Cashmere yarn), and it got a good workout on our trip to Provence earlier this year.  


(edited to add) P.S.  Have you seen Twist Collective? Gorgeous patterns – I am finding Linden very tempting.  I guess I just can’t move away from Veronik Avery! There is also an ad for Yarn Workshop in there.


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