The rain has finally slowed here in Hong Kong, and once I finish this post, I will be taking the kids down to the pool in our complex. We took all the photos in this post on Sunday up at the Peak. The view was gorgeous, and the air was relatively cool.  These socks are made from a mill sample of some merino/nylon that I have been considering.  While I really like the colours, I am not considering expanding Yarn Workshop into coloured yarns at present.  The yarn is beautifully soft, but quite fuzzy, and I am wondering whether people want hand dye fuzzy yarns for socks? Hmm – I would love any feedback on the desirability (or lack thereof) of fuzzy socks. 

Luckily, I can still get a pair of socks for the girls out of 50 grams of fingering yarn, and a fraternal sock will be cast on soon. The pattern is a draft of my much mentioned (but still “draft”), basic stockingette sock pattern.

I also finished off the Primavera Socks, and my husband has his first pair of hand knitted socks.   


Yarn Workshop has been keeping me very busy (July sale and all!), and also trying to figure out the new yarns that I need to order for Autumn. Some of the definite additions to the range will be a very soft angora blend laceweight, a soft merino baby yarn, and a feltable wool/soy blend that is softer than most other soy blends.

I will be heading to Australia for two weeks in August to visit my parents with the girls, and am facing up to the prospect of a price rise when I return from holidays. All my suppliers are raising their prices, and the increasing cost of fuel really seems to be having an impact. I am hoping that the break gives me a chance to finish off the pattern writing, and to do some of the baby knitting for my many friends who are having babies this year.


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