Knitting World – a shop in Hong Kong

It has only recently occurred to me that while I write about knitting shops in my travels, that I have omitted to describe any of the yarn shops that I visit in Hong Kong. There are many good yarn shops in Hong Kong, unless you want hand dyed sock yarn – and then you had better speak to me! A Bluestocking Knits had compiled a list of yarn shops in Hong Kong in 2005, which was my saviour when I moved to Hong Kong.

A few weeks back, my friend, and knitting guru, Yam took V and me to a new shop in Mongkok called Knitting World (site in Chinese only). I had previously tried to find the shop on my own, but had been flummoxed when the directions left me in the middle of a Mong Kok market street.

While it seems improbable, I was actually in the right place. Knitting World is located on the 3rd floor of the Prosper Commercial Building, at 9 Yin Chong St in Mong Kok.  For people visiting Hong Kong, I highly recommend using the YP Map site, and keeping in mind that when you see the market, you are in the right place.  It is any easy walk from Mong Kok MTR station, and car traffic is a nightmare in this part of town.  I read somewhere (no doubt NOT authoritative) that Mong Kok has the highest population density on earth, and I believe it (well – a bit). You will need to peer between the market stalls, the building numbers are not at all clear. When you see the door below, take the lift to the third floor, and you will see a very large (by Hong Kong standards) wool store.

Knitting World stocks a lot of yarns – including bamboo blends, organic cotton, and a wide variety of pure wool yarns, including some lovely soft merino. They also have a very good selection of Japanese knitting patterns – I was very tempted by a lace pattern dictionary (despite the fact that I can read no Japanese at all). Very little English is spoken, but prices are reasonable and we received a 20% discount for reasons that were not clear to us.  We didn’t argue!

I purchased some white merino sport weight wool to make the Estonian Baby Blanket (Ravelry link), and persuaded Yam that she really could knit socks out of some red 4 ply merino.  The staff were as helpful as they could be given the limitations with our Cantonese – I only have enough to barely communicate with a taxi driver, and to order my favorite dishes at Dim Sum.

Talking of taxi drivers, my knitting output has been almost non-existent because en-route to meeting Yam and V, my taxi driver had an accident. He had decided that he would drive down the middle of a two way street, causing a problem when he was faced with on-coming traffic, resulting in an altercation with the curb. Luckily, I did not tense up before the accident because I was opening my copy of Knit so Fine. More commentary on that book to follow. I was gibbering when I met Yam and V at the Mong Kok MTR, and by the next day had a very sore neck and shoulder that persisted for over a week.

Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and I will be meeting up with some of the Hong Kong knit bloggers in Mong Kok. I’m not sure why I am so excited by this, because I knit in public all the time.  This afternoon a very pleasant Japanese woman was enquiring about my socks that I was finishing during younger daughter’s swimming lesson. I wonder if I could get her to help me with the Japanese pattern books….


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17 thoughts on “Knitting World – a shop in Hong Kong”

  1. I am sorry to hear about your adventurous cabbie. Sounds like KSF saved you from worse injury, so now you must knit something from it.

    Thank you for the great review.

    Maybe you’re excited about WWKIP Day b/c you’ll have so much more company? I’ll try to join you too.

  2. I love your post. And I’m swimming deep in envy of you. I once went to Hongkong and only got a chance to see one yarn store (despite my extensive research) near the tsim sha tsui MTR exit.

    You see I come from the Philippines, and knitting isn’t that popular or readily available, there is one and only one craft store that sells knitting supplies in Manila and it’s a bit overpriced. 😦 sad. I got into knitting a few years back but i’ve always been interested in it. When I went to HK January of last year, I really made sure, my friends and I stop over at least one knitting store.

    I want to move to a country where a yarn store is somewhere nearby. sigh! dreams!

  3. Your information on your yarn experience is very useful as I have been searching high and low for yarns in Hong Kong. I tried going to Li Yuen East Street in Central but was disappointed to know that it was no longer there (I was away from HK for over 6 years).

    I will go to the Knitting World and thanks so much for the information. Now I will have something to do!

  4. could you please give me addresses of knitting supplies in HK, I am staying in Wan Chai.

    thank you very much.

  5. I’m looking for Hong Kong knitters to speak to for an upcoming book about the history of knitting around the world. Can you kindly contact me at my email address? Your blog is very lively and informative…

  6. Have just stumbles across you page whilst hunting madly online for wool shops
    I am a kiwi and I work contracts in HK lasting 2-3 months several times a year. I am an obsessive compulsive knitter, quilter, tapestry – could be worse things to be compulsive obsessive about. Over my years here I have only discovered two wool shops Cheer wool in Wan Chai and another in Causeway Bay so very excited to find another source.
    Many thanks for wonderful informative writing.
    Happy Knitting

  7. I have just taken up knitting and crochetting. Does this store still exist in this location? Hong Kong is constantly changing and some of the yarn stores I have been referred to are gone.

  8. I am looking for stores selling paper yarn or something similiar to make hat and bag. Is there anyone can help me? Thanks a lot!

  9. Thank you very much! I recently moved to HK and realized that I’m running out of yarn. This will really save me for the next few months!

  10. Great directions, I found it on my first try thanks to you! Does anyone have any suggestions for cheaper yarn? I am wanting to make my first afghan so I don’t need anything fancy! Thanks again!

  11. HI, thanks for this useful post. I m looking for organic threads / spun for sewing machine use in HK. Would that one in MK be a good place tog o for?

  12. Hi, do you run a stitch n’ sip group by any chance? and do you know where the wool/Knitting shop in Causeway Bay is please?


  13. Hi,
    thanks for the info about this shop. As i was travelling to Hong kong on an official mattr but crochet thread shopping being my a passion I located this shop thanks to your wonderful directions.
    Though language was a barrier ,This nice lady managed not only to show me the products but to give a brief training on usage of crochet thread and needles. So thanks once again and thanks too to the lady at the shop for wasting her valuble time on me ( our language skills were not adequate to exchange names


  14. Thank you for your information! Found the shop without problems, and the very kind lady in the store has now small notes in both Chinese and English to name the yarns. (June 2013)


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