Family fun

Family shot

Here’s a photo of my family on Mother’s Day. My patient husband is holding older daughter on his shoulder as they push younger daughter together on the swing.  The photo is taken in one of the many gorgeous play grounds in Hong Kong.  This park is one of our favourites, despite the fact that there are often biting midges that leave incredibly itchy welts. I had scolded my daughters for incessant scratching of their bites, until I found myself at work bleeding at my desk.  I had dug a hole in my hand after a touch of absent minded scratching. 

Mother’s Day was good, especially given that I don’t believe in the institution at all. I am deeply suspicious of the manufactured “Hallmark” holidays that seem to require people to purchase superfluous small electrical goods. I got a two and a half hour sleep-in (thank-you my lovely husband), two hand made mother’s day cards, and the eating of substantial amounts of Chinese vegetables by both small children without gagging or other protests.  For those of you that are interested, I have minimal enthusiasm for other shared holidays – apart from a completely secular appreciation of Christmas (which still should have a “de minimus” approach to present giving).  I am much more enthusiastic about birthdays and anniversaries, and our anniversary is next week. Of course, I totally ruined that by giving birth to younger daughter the next day, so we might escape to Thailand in late June to celebrate 8 years of marriage.

Younger daughter’s socks are finished, but you will need to take my word for it. The finished product has been seen by some Hong Kong stitch’n’bitchers. I’ve been busy photographing Addi knitting needles – the latest addition to the store! I’ve also been designing Ravelry ads, and 4th birthday party invitations (younger daughter). I’m busy dyeing yarn, and knitting dead simple socks out of yarn dyed by the girls with easter egg dye (post to follow). 

NB edited for clarity following my husband’s critique.


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