I’m back

This is a brief post. We’ve had a house full of visitors since we got back from France, and I’ve had a literal metric tonne of yarn arriving.  I have several unblogged projects, and several unblogged yarn shop visits in France (we visited the Anny Blatt factory store, and a gorgeous little Paris yarn shop…) 

What I can offer you is this – one sock, yarn dyed by me for my younger daughter, from Yarn Workshop (that’s my outfit if you haven’t guessed). The yarn was a factory sample that was dyed the most unattractive shades of brown, yellow and orange.  It took a bit of work to overdye the yarn, but I got there in the end.


Pattern: “A Classic Sock Pattern” in Folk Socks by Nancy Bush in size Child (shoe sizes 8 – 13).  I actually followed the pattern for the toe as written!

This sock is slightly large, but given the speed of growth of younger daughter’s feet, it will last for about 10 minutes. She loves the sock, and keeps nagging me to finish the other one.  I’ve been busy with swatches, and shipping and import documentation, but a pair should occur soon.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up with my Hong Kong knitting buddies some time soon.  I’ve missed you!


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One thought on “I’m back”

  1. I’d be bugging you to finish the other sock, too. This first is so pretty! And it looks like an excellent fit.

    Can’t wait for the France post(s).

    And thank you for your words of support over on my blog.


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