Finished Madder Ribbed Socks



These socks are destined for my maternal grandmother. She taught me how to knit in (I presume) the usual Estonian style. Funnily enough, people in Hong Kong have commented that my knitting technique is like some of the local Hong Kong knit-bloggers. My grandmother has had several strokes, and suffers from dementia as a result.  It is not like Alzheimer’s dementia, she has clouds of lucidity, but frequently gets fiction (eg TV shows) confused with actual events. She continues to remember me, and other family members.  One way to communicate with her quite successfully is to discuss knitting.  When were in Australia recently, I showed her these socks in progress, and she was intrigued by the Magic Loop process. It felt good to connect with her through an activity shared across generations.

They needed a good wash before being sent to my grandmother, having been to Shanghai, Sydney and Singapore, and having had white wine and coffee spilt on them while being made. I followed the pattern faithfully, because I am trying to learn some different sock techniques, and figure that I could do worse than learn from Nancy Bush.

Project Details

Pattern: Madder Ribbed Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks

Yarn: Yarn Workshop  75%wool / 25%nylon yarn dyed by me.  Dyeing details here.

Needles: 2.5mm Addi Turbos, using Magic Loop

Modifications: Leg made 1 inch longer because I was on the plane to Sydney without a tape measure, and they were too long when I checked where you should start the heel.

Comments:  I am not crazy about the pointed toe. It doesn’t seem to be a great match for my foot, but the socks are a little big for me, so maybe they will look better on my grandmother.


Otherwise, an exceedingly easy project, and very good handbag knitting. I had to trek all over Hong Kong today, and even though I’m on the boring bit of Juno Regina, its too challenging to knit on public transport. I obviously need to cast on another pair of boring socks! I’ve just overdyed some sample wool/nylon/bamboo yarn a pinkish/purpley colour, and had better churn out the socks promised to younger daughter.



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