Never-ending stole


I’ve liked Juno Regina since the first time that I saw it in Knitty, and was looking for a store sample for our Merino Laceweight, and merrily cast on.  I didn’t check gauge, because it is a stole, but got a fabric that I was happy with the recommended 3.5mm needles. The yarn was dyed by me, and then overdyed using my super easy overdying technique described on the store blog.   I found the tricky bits of the stole went quite quickly, and were a useful device to deter me from having a glass of wine with dinner. I was excited to finish them and then looked at the pattern and read these words:

“Work Rows 11-12 of Chart 4 for approx. 42 inches.”

That cooled my ardour. The gauge is 7 rows per inch, there are 89 stitches in each row, that’s only 26,166 stitches until I get to another interesting bit! The question is, how long will this take me? I really, really want to wear this scarf in France in 2 weeks time.

Its hard to stay focused when there is new yarn in the stash, and beautiful new patterns being thrown my way.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just cast on a Lace Ribbon?


I love it, and the brown cashmere blend purchased in Guangzhou is calling me. Oh, wait. I did the same calculation on it, and it takes 36,040 stitches.  I’ll stick with Juno Regina for the time being.

Speaking of the brown cashmere blend, here are the yarns purchased in Guangzhou.


Won’t the brown make a beautiful Lace Ribbon? In other news, I’ve finished my Madder Rib socks for my grandmother, and they will be blocked by tomorrow. I’m also nearly finished Isabella, and am just working on the collar. More finished objects soon!


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