Finished Shedir


This hat is for a very old friend, who I haven’t actually seen for 15 years.  G is the mother of one of my oldest school friends, J, and G was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. J and I were in the same kindergarten class, and were friends throughout school.  By the time I became a teenager, I had learnt to be impressed by G; she worked overnight as a nurse, studied for her degree as an external student, and she was a mother, and step-mother.  Despite her busy schedule, she always had time and humorous advice for her childrens’ friends.  When I heard that J had moved back to our home town to take care of G, I felt far away, and thought that I could make a tiny contribution in the form of a chemo cap.

I wanted to knit one out of the yak/wool blend that I will be selling, but the yarn was not elastic enough for the cables, and the gauge was going to be a serious problem. I then tried a merino yarn where I only had one 50 gram ball, and realised after 2 repeats of the main cable braid that I only had 16 grams left. Given that the pattern specifies 5 repeats of the braid, I frogged it. 

Project Details

Pattern: Shedir by Jenna Wilson.

Modifications: Main cable pattern only repeated 4 times, instead of the specified 5. Some plain rows in the crown shaping deleted, because the hat was looking huge. Hat was knitted without a cable needle, and I don’t think my cable needle will get much use any more.  There are probably several unintended modifications – all those cables are difficult! Hat fits my generous head and then some.

Needles: 3.5 mm Knit Picks circulars using magic loop.

Yarn: Worsted weight Australian Merino spun in China, and purchased in Beijing. 116 grams used (definitely not a one-skein project).  No yarn details available in English, apart from “100% Australian merino”.


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