We have a hole


I always have a pair of plain stockingette socks on the go. I knit them everywhere I have to go, especially at the kids activities, and at knitting groups. If I attempt anything remotely tricky while at knitting group, I end up with the most spectacular mistakes.  When I attended my first Hong Kong stitch’n’bitch I managed to kitchener stitch the toe on the first of these socks at right angles to the toe.  That had to be frogged and re-done when I wasn’t busy discussing yarn and yarn buying options across Asia.

I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about these socks once I saw the knitted up fabric, and it slowed my progress on them. When Becca saw them last night she said “the colours look so much better now that they are finished” and she was right.


My lack of attention really shows near the heel gussets, where I seem to have left the most ginormous holes when picking up the heel stiches.  I used exactly the same pattern as I do for all my top-down plain stockingette socks, but I don’t know what went wrong this time and would love some ideas on how to avoid it in future. All advice will be greatfully accepted.


Photographing your own feet is no fun!  I took thse photos sitting on the windowsill of my bedroom, and I’m sure that the people in the building opposite (who can see right into the windowsill when the curtains are open) must have thought that I am publishing a foot fetish magazine.  I was straddling the tripod, while trying to look in the view finder to make sure that you could see any aspect of the socks! I feel that self-patterning yarn is cheating a little bit – it really does all the hard work for you, but after seeing Yarnstorm’s most excellent photos of her self patterning adventures, I decided that I would try and take some better photos than plain snap shots. I’m not ready yet to post on the yarnographers group (on Ravelry), but I am seeing an improvement in my shots.

Project Details

Pattern: “A Classic Sock Pattern” in Folk Socks by Nancy Bush in size Woman.  I modified the amount of ribbing, and also did a different toe to use kitchener stitch. 

Needles: 2.5 mm Addi Turbo circulars purchased for HKD $25 in Hong Kong (that’s US$3.20) using magic loop.

Yarn: Online Supersocke 100 Tropic – Color 931.  75% Superwash wool, 25% Nylon purchased from Yarns Galore. The colours are much more accurate in the blog photos than here. The yarn is softer than some other self-patterning yarns, but seems hardy.

In other news, the business is suffering from its success, and I’ve basically run out of yarn (which is a bit of a problem for an on-line yarn seller).  I’m desperately trying to order more, but have been stymied by Chinese New Year, and am likely to be out of sock yarn until mid March. I’m on a learning curve here….

I have received some lovely samples of 50% yak/ 50% wool yarn that I am knitting into Shedir for a very old friend’s mother who has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  I’ll be seeing her in early Feb, so want to get it done ASAP. 


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2 thoughts on “We have a hole”

  1. What hole? I see no hole! You know, we see the mistakes in our projects easier than others do. I wish I could knit socks. I just can’t seem to get the hang of working with multiple dpns.

  2. To avoid holes, I usually pick up one more stitch than necessary, and then knit that last “picked up” stitch through the back loop with the next “regular” stitch.
    I like the color combo of the socks!

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