New year, new skein winder, new business

I know that my new year’s post is a little late, but things have been a little delayed with my business, and for me, this year will be all about seeing what I can make work.  This time last year I was working for a multi-national hedge fund as a compliance lawyer, and (despite being on holidays at this precise time) was constantly on my Blackberry, and on international phone calls trying to explain Asia to New Yorkers.  Other mothers have written of working mothers’ guilt, but I didn’t feel guilty as such, I missed my kids, and missed having any energy for creative pursuits. 

I steer well clear of the “Mommy wars” – since I’ve had kids, I’ve stayed at home, worked part-time, from home and in the office, and full-time more than 60 hours a week.  All have had different benefits for our family, and one of the benefits of me working like a maniac for 18 months was a greater degree of financial security that now gives me the opportunity to set up my own business. Many mothers (perhaps most?) don’t get the opportunity to make the choices I have. One of the biggest benefits that I expect from running my own business will be autonomy.  After 14 years as an employee, I think that my ability to be an employee might be exhausted. So I’ve set up a business, and reserved the domain name

Initially, I am selling my yarns through Ebay,  and Etsy.  I’ve found some quality sock yarn from China after rejecting quite a few candidates.  I’m planning to expand to other fibres and blends, all comments on desirable yarns are extremely welcome. The yarn that I have sourced comes on the cone, and I imagine (although I might be wrong) that many customers will want skeins, leading me to conclude that I needed a skein winder.

On my request, my husband had ordered me a skein winder as a birthday present.  On December 29, the postman bought me this big box:


It contained a skein winder from Ball & Skein.  I had been using my swift to wind skeins, but that was hard on the swift, and on me, and I wasn’t able to measure how much I was winding off with the swift.  While measuring the length of yarn is of interest to most knitters – it essential if I am winding skeins off cones for my new business.

For those of you that are curious, the envelope reads “*Instructions* Read First”.  Putting together the skein winder was easy with the instructions, and I only required one reference to a completed skein winder (here) to complete the job.  It works like a dream.


Here are the yarns – any queries about them are welcome here, or also at I’ll set up the full web site once I’m sure I’ll have a market.



Wish me luck!


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3 thoughts on “New year, new skein winder, new business”

  1. Hi. I can’t recall how I landed here (or if I’ve commented before — geez, I’m getting old), but I want to wish you much success with your business. I’m sure I’ll be placing an order sooner or later. 🙂

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