Finished Chevron Scarf


I finally finished this scarf on 23 December, but because we were have 20 people over for lunch on Christmas Day (what were we thinking – it was our first ever time hosting Christmas!); I didn’t get to sew the ends in, and to block it.  For reasons that are described below, I wasn’t really happy about blogging the finished object until it had been blocked.

First, the finished object:


I know that some poeple have loved knitting their chevron scarf so much that they didn’t want to finish it, but not so much for me.  I knitted this for myself, and as I was knitting it, all I could see were the aqua and purple, and register the way that the almost white pale blue was pooling.  I’m really the type of woman that wears a lot of neutrals, and I was afraid of the colour. I would have frogged it after a few centimetres if my mother hadn’t told me to “press on” to see the finished effect.


Now, I will wear mine, and my husband says that it is flattering, but when I see other chevron scarves like this, I feel envious (and wistful).  Why was I so tempted by the lary colourways when shopping on the the Blue Moon Fiber Arts site?  Anyhow, here are the specifications:

Pattern: Chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Socks that Rock Lighweight” in Ms LaRock and Lapis

Modifications: 2 selvedge stitches (garter) on either side to help contol the roll – first stitch slipped purlwise

Needles: Clover Bamboo 3.6mm (Japanese size 5)

I’m glad that I finished it – but do wish that I had gone with something with more brown in it.  My lovely new winter coat (worn in Beijing) is a very dark brown.  It looked awful before blocking – lumpy, weirdly coloured and “homemade” in the pejorative way.


It needed a good wash prior to wearing because it had been doused in white wine while I was making it  – one of the hazards of drinking while knitting!  I washed it in some Australian Lavendar Wool Wash, spun it in the washing machine, and then blocked it fairly ruthlessly. My blocking kit (for the Hong Kong knitters out there) was purchased at minimal expense at Spotlight in Kowloon Bay.  In the quilting section there are rust proof T-pins (rust proof doubles the expense, but you don’t want rust marks in any garment), and I bought 3 metres of gingham (colour chosen by the pink-obsessed small children).  The gingham makes a perfect blocking sheet.  I usually lay it out, either on a spare bed, or the window seat cushion (which seems to be made from a good high density foam).  Here it is blocking:


The blocking really made all the difference – without it, the colours weren’t working together at all; and the scarf looked misshapen.  After blocking, it has a lovely drape.  I’m still not completely convinced about the Socks that rock – if I had made socks out of the Ms LaRock, I think that they would have pooled horribly.


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5 thoughts on “Finished Chevron Scarf”

  1. Oh,that Chevron turned out beautiful, and it’s going to be a fantastic addition to a “neutral” wardrobe!

    BTW, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed that Beijing LYS.. and how come I didn’t spot those bargains… “rolling eyes”

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