The outcome of the dyeing party

After only blogging for a few months, I’ve made blogging buddy and I met up with Maryann on Saturday for a yarn dyeing party.  I was so excited to meet up with another knit blogger, and the thought of playing with yarn, and dyes, and seeing all of Maryann’s yarn! I had been reading Maryann’s blog pretty much since I moved to Hong Kong. 

When Maryann arrived, she had very thoughtfully brought a birthday present for my older daughter, and another for my younger, so she wouldn’t feel left out.  We drank coffee, and compared yarns, and set about dyeing, using food colouring, Kool Aid, and acid dyes.  Of course my Mother Mackenzie’s Miracle Dye Kit arrived on Monday, so we didn’t also play with that. Maryann was busy dyeing some recycled wool/cashmere/silk (sooo soft) a very pretty pink, while I generally made a menace of myself in the kitchen, and ended up with lots of murky browns and oranges (not good).  Two hanks of my prototype sock yarn were spoken for (one for the S&B, and the other for Clementine’s Shoes as a thank-you for her pattern).  They looked disgusting, and I had to think quickly, and ended up dunking them in a pot of fire engine red acid dye – the result is below, and while the colours aren’t completely true, they at least don’t look like baby’s poo now. The red in fact has more blue in it than the photo shows (the next photo down captures the colour better).


To the right of the photo you can see the blue and pink yarn from the earlier tangling episode.  I am sending it to my sister today for her feedback.  I hope she likes the colours!

Inspired by the success of the overdyeing (Maryann had been extremely complimentary); I looked critically at the greeny, brown yarn that I had dyed.


I decided that I should cover these skeins in a dark chololate brown.  I went and put some water on the boil, and realised that I didn’t have any dark chocolate brown.  Being creative and feeling inspired by the Ravens series at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, I thought that I could mix some jet black dye with the red and get something approximating dark chocolate brown. The yarn would have subtle variations, because EVERYBODY knows that you can not cover variegated yarn with a darker colour, and that the variations always show. Well, you can see the variations now, but not in most light, apart from midday on a sunny day on the equator (when you won’t be in need of a hand knit!)


 I could have just bought black yarn.  Apparently, those people at Blue Moon Fiber Arts know something about dyeing.  Meeting Maryann was so much fun – she’s a fount of knowledge, and had a sense of humour about my chaotic progress.  She did manage to catch the tangling bug from me, which hopefully will mean the end of my major tangling misadventures.  We were joking that she will need to host a dyeing party in her kitchen to transfer the bug to someone else!


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One thought on “The outcome of the dyeing party”

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having alot of fun experimenting! It’s sometimes the best way to learn- to just jump in and go for it. The red looks great! I’m so looking forward to seeing it in person. Thanks again!

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