Feather and fan scarf

Up until early September I worked full time in the financial industry, and was pretty much working around the clock.  I had a fantastic assistant, with a wonderful sense of humour, who was smart, organised, took initiative, and generally made my working environment as good as it could be.  I’m meeting her for coffee this afternoon, and wanted to give her a Christmas present, and also to say thank-you for all the help that she gave me, but I had 3 days notice of the coffee date.  I looked in the stash, and found 2 balls of Knit Picks “Andean Treasure” in Moss and made up this scarf. 


I’ll see if I can persuade her to model for some photos – but she might not open it in front of me (often the way in Hong Kong).

I’d hestitate to call it a pattern because it might be the simplest lace scarf there is, but for those of you that have an interest in the details, I used 2 complete balls of the yarn, and would have needed a third if I was making it for myself (because I generally try and make scarves the height of the intended wearer).  I cast on 40 stitches using 5 mm needles, and knitted 3 rows of garter, and then had a garter stitch edge of two stitches (first stitch always slipped purlwise).  For the feather and fan pattern it was:

Row 1: Garter stitch selvedge (2 stitches), knit 2 together 3 times; knit 1 yarnover 6 times, knit 2 together 6 times, knit 1 yarnover 6 times, knit 2 together 3 times, 2 stitches garter selvedge.

Row 2: Purl (except garter selvedge)

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Purl (except garter selvedge)

I continued until it looked like I would run out of wool, and then finished on row 3 of the pattern and did three rows of garter.  When I cast off, I did it using a purl stitch so that it sat neatly behind the garter stitch (thank-you Elizabeth Zimmermann). 

I am not a terribly fast knitter, but I was able to block it last night, and it was dry this morning (I did spin it in washing machine to get rid of most of the water).  I am very happy with the drape of the scarf, but am not completely sold on the yarn.  It feels very silky, but it still has some itch. I hope that my former assistant’s neck is not too sensitive.


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