Finished Clementine’s Baltic Socks


About 20 minutes ago, I finished the kitchener stitch.  The photos are not great – the one above is suffering a bit from camera shake. Its much more difficult taking photos of your own foot! 

I’m very happy with the fit – and I am glossing over any errors in the lace.


I also took a picture of a blocked and unblocked sock.  While I can’t see any difference when they are on – it sure makes a difference to their “off the foot” presentation.


Pattern: Clementine’s Baltic Socks (available here)

Yarn: My own undyed fingering yarn, soon to be available for sale. I dyed it with Dylon dyes of royal blue and pink. They look mainly blue.

 Pattern modifications: The sock was too short for my size 40 foot, and I did an extra repeat of the lace pattern, and modified the toe so that I descreased alternating second and third rows. I had to increase needle size to 2.5mm so that I could get the sock on my foot.

Needles: Addi turbo 2.5mm magic loop. 


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3 thoughts on “Finished Clementine’s Baltic Socks”

  1. I hope you know that a poster on Knitting Paradise (goes by the name of AnniePeanut) has taken this picture of your socks, added it to a post of her own and, while not actually claiming them as her work, strongly implied that it is. I hope you would go there and alert the site Admin as to this. A lot of us are appalled that she does things like this but it’s not the first time and we’d like to stop her doing it to people like yourself.

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