No children were harmed in the taking of this picture

But you would not have known it from the screaming.  For those people who were in the Mid Levels of Hong Kong at 7.30 this morning, I apologise for the noise.  I finished these socks last month, but haven’t had a chance to blog them because I haven’t been able to take a picture of them.  This morning I was feeling inspired, and the weather is gorgeous, so I thought that I would bribe the girls with stickers if they would put the socks on, sit on the balcony together, and pose for a photo.  Apparently, there were a number of problems with my proposal – putting the socks on and sitting together. 


Despite the fact that these socks are worn almost daily in preference to slippers, today trying them on for a photo constituted a hideous imposition.  The socks are not as big as they appear in the photo, but adjusting the fit on the recalcitrants was beyond my abilities this morning. Once the tears were dried, I then asked the girls to sit together.  Big mistake.  In the photo below the older one is actually pushing the younger one’s head. And yes, the older one does actually have smaller feet that the younger one – they are only 17 months apart.


I do keep warning the older one, that it is looking likely that one day the younger one will be bigger than her (I’ve been looking at the feet).

Project Details

Pattern: “A Classic Sock Pattern” in Folk Socks by Nancy Bush in size Child (shoe sizes 8 – 13).  I modified the amount of ribbing, and also did a different toe because I forgot to look at the pattern and went with some fairly dodgy kitchener stitch.  I would really like someone to hold a kitchener stitch class in Hong Kong! 

Needles: 2.5 mm Addi Turbo ciruclars purchased for HKD $25 in Hong Kong (that’s US$3.20) using magic loop.

Yarn: Titan “Super Trekking” in colour 601 (available over the internet here) purchased from Filati in Tallinn, Estonia in June 2007. The colours of the yarn are really bright, and it is relatively soft.  I got both pairs of socks out of two balls, and was very happy that I managed to get two matching pairs! 


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