If the sock doesn’t fit – frog it

I had been soldiering on with the Clementine’s Baltic socks with numerous froggings, for so many reasons – forgetting the plain row, repeating a row of the pattern inadvertently, you name it. This morning, I decided to try the sock on to admire the pattern against my pasty white flesh.  Big problem – I can’t get the sock over the heel.  Now, my feet are not that wide – I fit into the small size in Jaywalkers – but I think that using 2 mm  needles when I usually use 2.5mm has made a huge difference.  I also think that using the smaller needles has made the process more difficult (especially the knit 3 togethers!).  I might also have been gripping on to the yarn like my life depended on it because of the numerous mistakes that I was making. 


I apologise for the close up detail of my foot – the photo was even more horrendous before cropping. 

So, I am going to frog the progress thus far on this sock.  This poor yarn is going to have its wearing ability truly tested.  But now I am possessed – this is a sock that I can knit – its meant to be easy lace! I’ve knitted lace successfully before!  I want to finish it before this weekend.  I will conquer this sock.


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