a finished Cozy

In August we were invited to a friend’s wedding in the UK.  About 3 weeks before the wedding I was seized with a compulsion to make a gift (despite already having bought something off the list).  Of course, I acted on the compulsion and immediately purchased some cashmere from Colourmart and waited anxiously for it to arrive (which was within 4 days if I recall correctly – great online shopping satisfaction!).


 I decided to make Cozy from Knitty and immediately cast on.  Not correctly reading the pattern, I had to redo the lace pattern four times before I got the hang of it, and then realised that I was meant to start off with some rows of garter stitch.  Off to the frog pond again.  Luckily the yarn held up – I was knitting it directly off the cone with all oil intact.

 Because I wanted this to be a throw, I added another pattern repeat to the width.  Once I was underway, I was not extremely happy with the edges. But was under time pressure, and plugged on.  If I was doing it again, I would add two garter selvedge stiches, and slip the first stitch purlwise on every row (tip from Brooklyn Tweed and Elizabeth Zimmerman). That would give a much smoother edge.

In any event, I realised that with work (my previous employment) and my sanity on the line, I wouldn’t have it complete for the August ceremony.  Luckily, the happy couple were holding another ceremony in October (in Australia), and I did get it in the mail for that one.


Here it is draped on of our dining chairs after being soaked in hot water with dishwashing liquid, thrown in the washing machine for a full wool machine wash cycle (we have a front loader) with some fabric softener, and then into the dryer for 10 minutes before blocking.  It was not quite as soft as I was expecting, and I think that I should have washed the yarn prior to knitting.  I will show you later some of my problems with washing skeined yarn, which is why I knitted off the cone this time. I only used 1.5 cones, so now have a jumpers worth of the yarn left over (I think at the time of ordering I was planning a cabled throw).

I have asked my husband for a swift and ball winder for my birthday, so will wash those skeins prior to knitting up. My friend emailed me after she received the throw, and said that it is much too nice to keep at home, and perfectly matches her winter parka – so it looks like its a scarf again.


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2 thoughts on “a finished Cozy”

  1. This is lovely. A few tips: don’t’ use fabric softener on cashmere. It would have made no difference washing your yarn before knitting. It is the washing and drying process of the finished article that makes all the difference. You will never get the true character, softness, of the yarn without tumble drying. As regards the bias you mention, is this a weaving cashmere or a knitting cashmere? If it is weaving, that would account for the bias AND for the lack of softness.
    The throw you have done is still excellent. I would be proud of it.

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