Dyeing and felting Colourmart yarn


I love the yarn that I get from Colourmart; but I have been known to buy in haste.  I had an idea that for my older daughter’s birthday this year that I would knit her a vest, and then perhaps felt it, so I purchased 2 cones of lilac moon cashemere merino from them.  When the yarn arrived (quickly as usual) the colour was not so flattering for any member of my family.  Being resourceful, and having previously dyed yarn successfully in the washing machine, I decided to dye it a deeper pink.  I set off the local craft store (Spotlight at Kowloon Bay) and purchased the dye below.  In a fit of thriftiness (rare for me), I chose the cheaper brand, rather than the reliable Dylon (with reliable colours!).  Anyhow, I followed the method that I had used before, and was suprised when I opened the washing machine to be greeted by small skeins of highly felted thick yarn.


My big error? Last time I dyed in the machine, it was superwash yarn! I have managed to tear the yarn apart (the fluff generated was spectacular) and still intend to do something with the yarn – but it will be rather more rustic than I previously planned. I’ll post on the swatches soon.



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