Yarn shopping in Vietnam

picture-010.jpgPrior to going to Hanoi in Easter this year, I had high hopes for the yarn shopping. I had researched on the internet, and knew that people knitted in Vietnam. So we arrived in Hanoi, and after a couple of days settling in, and doing the obvious sights; I asked the concierge in the hotel to identify the “yarn buying” district. This query was not an easy task. When I was about to run upstairs to find some knitting to identify the pastime for the concierge staff, one of the female members of staff finally realised what I was talking about and said that the yarn shops could be found on Dinh Liet St in the Old Town. She also looked completely startled that I would knit. We fairly easily found the knitting shops after taking a quick and very scary taxi ride. I think from recollection that the yarn shops began about 10 Dinh Liet st, and were amongst bead necklace shops and silk garments and bag shops.


Unfortunately, I didn’t find any yarn to buy! You will see from the pictures that there were lots of hanks of yarn in the shops – but none were enticing me.  There was a lot of very bulky 100% acrylic. They were also really dirty from the street. There was some wool/acrylic in the back of the shop that appeared to be lace weight, but was in really murky colours. I also found some silk – but it was also really bulky (almost like roving?). I did not get to the stage of enquiring about prices, but I suspect that they would have been very low. That was why the concierge in the hotel had been so startled – why would a westerner (and by Vietnamese standards all Westerners are wealthy) be knitting? 

 If you are visiting Hanoi for other reasons (and there are plenty of good reasons to visit Hanoi – like the food, the people, the art), then the yarn shops are worth a little detour when you are discovering the Old Town.  I wouldn’t recommend making a trip to Hanoi just for the yarn.


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4 thoughts on “Yarn shopping in Vietnam”

  1. Hi, I also starled why you buy yarn in Vietnam 😀 Per our information, Yarn in other country is very nice (I’m Vietnamese)- more cotton, higher quality…

  2. thank you for your posting. oh so sad 😦 i live in kuala lumpur and will be going to hanoi and hoi an for the 2nd time in sept 2013 (my 1st trip was in 1997) and hoping to look for cotton or silk yarn.

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